2004 Election Comments on Wesley Clark
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With regard to Clark - he is necessary. I know all of us who have supported Dean or Kerry, etc. want to find fault with Mr. Johnny Come Lately, and rightly so. Personally, I have no problem with him seeing the light and coming to the Dem side. I do, however, have a problem with a "newbie" being my President. I think he owes the party some years of work - a record we can look to on fighting for our core values. We can access him as a general only and I find that very limiting. Yet, the stategy of having Clark is brilliant. We have to remember the GOP is going to come at us hard on their "weak on security/defense" spin. Clark is the perfect counter to that. Therefore, I am hoping he does better than he did in the debate - looked very nervous and ill prepared. I want him to be VP no matter who gets the nomination. At the DNC dinner, Clark's speech was all "military" -that's all he's got until his handlers give him the rest. Either way, whatever it takes to save our country. I can hold my nose and vote for a guy that dropped bombs that killed innocent people, while hoping he won't drop any more bombs. I predict it will be Dean and Clark who will emerge as the strongest candidates. Dean has the money and his supporters and Clark is the General with the Dem Elite behind him. It will be either of those fellas. 2 insurgents - history will be made and that does speak volumes about the dissatisfaction within the party.
Comment by Laura in LA

Clark's addition to the Democratic field will probably help the Democrats appear more credible on national defense issues regardless of which one eventually becomes the party's nominee. Clark is still not running better than 3rd in the polls for either Iowa or New Hampshire. Whoever does well in those two states will get a huge media bounce early on in the primary process. If Dean delivers the 1-2 punch in Iowa and New Hampshire, it will be tough to slow him down. He appears to be poised to do so.
Gephardt is do or die in Iowa. Kerry is do or die in New Hampshire, but in addition Kerry is quietly under the radar in Iowa but polling close enough to Dean and Gephardt there so he could pull an upset win. I doubt it, but its not inconceivable. I don't know if Edwards or Lieberman can stay in the race long with Clark around to siphon what little tangible support either of them had before Clark entered. Sept 30th is the end of this fundraising quarter...look for Dean to clear 14 million, while the other candidates only raise half that much or less.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

WES CLARK is NOT anti-war and should be tried for war crimes in criminal tribunal courts. This is an outrage, first he's a republican, now a democrat?? We need leadership, not more deceit.
Comment by Patti Ferschke

I watched Wesley debate recently. He's doing good so far. A lot of people said he did great in the recent debates. He's ahead in the race. Wesley Clark is still the man to bet Bush. He debates well and he knows what he is doing. He's going to make a fine president. Wesley Clark is ahead in the democratic race, because he's the man who can beat Bush. Bush has not done good for our military. The democrats are going to win the election because of Wesley Clark. Wesley Clark is our only hope. All those other guys are just guys for him to beat. Do you want to know why George Bush is wanting the recall in California? Because the democrats are in now and he wants a republican in there so he can get California's high electoral votes in this election. Wesley Clark is the man to beat Bush. Ann I'm going to buy to a tape little recorder so you can mark my words on this.
Comment by Matt