Comments on George W. Bush 2004 Election
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I'm standing strong for Bush. Before he became the great President that he has been I was starting to lose hope in our government officials. You see Bush is against those gay marriages. He's not going to take our taxes and pay for unholy immoral unions like that. All those democrats will pay for gay people to live together in a unholy union. Clinton was the crazy President that started all that nonsense, and gays in the military. Until Clinton came I always voted for the Democrats. Bush came in a restored honor in the Whitehouse. He's been the only President we had in the Whitehouse that has any morals for a decade. Gays destroy our children. They abuse our children and teach them it OK to be gay when they are young. That makes an impression on our children that can't be taken back. They kill our children with their insane gay lifestyles and beliefs. Those of you say you should separate the Government and God are wrong. Remember the Pledge to our Flag "ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" George Bush is the only one who understands this pledge. His heart is full of GOD'S GREAT GOODNESS. If you separated God and Government there would be no goodness in the government at all. George Bush is the only one who cares enough to go against the grain in Washington and try to end abortion. His heart is in the right place. You people are nothing but a bunch of Bush Bashers. You think your smart, but you don't know nothing, especially toughs of you who call yourself Catholic and vote for unborn baby killers. You're not really a Catholic. There's no way you could be. Those of you who say the Government should be separated from God. When you are lying on your death bed you are not going to look up at God and say are you a Democrat or a Republican? It don't matter when you die. None of this matters, you got to get your life right with God and than pray over who is the best man to put in as our countries leader. That man is George W. Bush. Just pray about it people. Let God lead your hearts when you vote for our leaders. Please people just pray about it. If you include God in everything it will work out right. You will see.
Comment by Roger Dale

There is a lot of things Bush said he was gonna do and he didn't do. You know what I'm saying? I've been watching the news to try to decided on who I believe will do what he says he's gonna do. A lot of these folks you can't be to sure about theses days. I am for abortion being legal. I believe the government is a mess. They got no jobs, no money, poor folks can't pay for college, couldn't get a job even if they paid to make it trew college. Bush didn't do what he said he gonna do. He didn't fix this. Who's gonna fix it? Who's gonna get us jobs? Who got a plan? Do you know what I am saying? Ain't no money to get a eduction. Who's got a plan to fix it.
Comment by Ralph Harris

i would vote for gore if he was running. i would vote for bush if he could get the economy better. he can't....i not don't know who to vote for. he put to much money on the war... now economy is jobs very bad....i vote for bush if he do better on money sending and get jobs for america
Comment by Moe Islim

With calls of "bring it on" we have whacked the hornets nest, in the hopes of bringing them out in the open. They are bringing it and we are getting stung.Remember this piece by Josh Marshall. It's happening...
Comment by Keith Brekhus

We're gonna get BUSH out one way or another,and it's people like YOU that will make the difference! If push comes to shove{and it will} the donkey's going to take the elephant back to Crawford! Poor elephant won't know what to do there,but make a big mess!
Comment by Patti Ferschke

I think Bush is gett'in the blame for the blackout and I don't know if I would directly point the finger at him, but he has made some big mistakes.
Comment by Ann Stewart

I think George Bush is very intelligent. My husband is in the military. I feel like George Bush has done good for him. My husband first got separation pay when Bush came in to be President. My husband is home from Iraq now, but he will be leaving for Korea on May 1 of next year. Bush has done a lot of wonderful things for the military, and we need to take care of the men and women who protect our country. George Bush does take care of our service men and women. He is bring our troops home. I will soon be having our first child, and I'm glad the military let my husband come home for this wonder happy event in our family. I thank God for Bush, bring our families home. He's raised the separation pay for those families who had to be separated. I'm so thankful for that. I have a child on the way. I just want to say thanks to President Bush for all the wonderful things he's done for the people who serve our country.
Comment by April Gifford