2004 Election Comments On Howard Dean
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Howard Dean, on the other hand, will give our country back to us, the majority of Americans, whose needs are far different from those of big business and the super rich. To me, the most important part of the Dean platform is the idea to increase our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. By taking some of the money we are currently wasting on an unnecessary war in Iraq and redirecting it into programs for renewable energy and energy conservation we can do much more to increase our security than by invading a country and producing a terrorist nightmare where none existed before. By abandoning the insane policy of unilateral pre-emptive war and replacing it with a policy of diplomacy and cooperation in conjunction with an energy plan that benefits all Americans rather than just oil companies, we will do much to increase our security. In supporting the Senate resolution giving Bush a blank check to fight wars, Sen. Kerry lost my respect. He is now trying to backtrack on his mistake, but so far has not convince me he has changed.
Comment by Pete

I just got back from Dean's blog. They are still kicking too. The on line campaigning for Kerry and Dean is great.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Patti, I truly admire you for your faith in Kerry. I applaud it. But Dean is rising up the ranks steadily and true. Kerry is a good man, but this one is Dean's election.
Comment by Lysa

lysa,you haven't seen anything yet ! We're about to blow you guys a-way ! And we're NOT giving in to comments like the one you just made ! I'm up to the challenge because as many MAD HATTERS on the DEAN sitings ,we Kerry Campers "ARE" the one's offering the solutions to the problems ,we not only face today,but the one's we will face tomorrow! WE KERRY CAMPERS choose NOT to become part of that problem ! Wait till you see the support we're getting from the "university crowd"..It is so exciting,and makes my time on this planet worth while ! Wait till you see the next PRESIDENT KERRY "engage" those students.....you will see many smiley faces; you will see sleeves rolled up and ready to work,not just for a campaign,but for ALL humanity ! HUGE difference!
Comment by Patti Ferschke

New New Hampshire poll shows Dean lead widening and a high favorable (63%) to unfavorable (7%) ratio to boot. Good news for the Dean campaign. http://americanresearchgroup.com/nhpoll/dem/
Comment by Keith Brekhus