2004 Election Comments On John Kerry
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John Kerry has two daughters, while his wife has three sons. John is one half Irish and one half English. And yes, he has a balanced budget plan which you can access on website. However the plan may be outdated do to the high cost of the Iraq war. He will probably announce a new plan in the near future.
Comment by Derek

In response to the support for Sen. Kerry, I would like to say that he is just another DLC Democrat who is all too willing to look out for the interests of big business and the rich who provide the financial support for political campaigns.
Comment by Pete

My message is shot and simple. If you want four more years of Bush, vote for Howard Dean. If you want to return this country back to what it was like during the Clinton years, vote for the only man who can beet George W. Shrub, JOHN KERRY!www.johnkerry.com
Comment by Derek

If you favor pragmatism and someone who is genuine, I think you need to reconsider your impression of Senator Kerry.During this ongoing international crisis, I do not think it is pragmatic to elect a president who is a doctor and governor of one of the smallest states! Medicine is very specialized and has nothing to do with public administration, law or international relations. Moreover, the total population of Vermont is about 620,000 people. There are more people in MY SUBURB of Chicago!!! It really irks me that Dean thinks being President or even U.S. Senator is such a cinch. He hasn't a clue. Frankly, as former Governor of Vermont, his background is more on par with the experience of a MAYOR of a rural town!!! Moreover, Dr. Dean has never worked at the national level and has no foreign policy or military experience. That is not practical in this day and age.
Kerry is extremely genuine and he backs up his words with a long, distinguished record to prove it.
Comment by Ellen

I recently checked out the Kerry blog and read his Georgetown speech, where he forwarded the idea of "progressive internationalism". Honestly, the term progressive is irritating. Its arrogant, elitist, and more importantly, general and vague. It implies that any policy attached to this honorable adjective should be without reproach. What does "progressive internationalism" mean anyhow? Kerry didn't question the war, just the fact that Bush went it alone and offended our allies. So progressive simply means multilateral as opposed to unilateral. In fact, it seemed that Kerry didn't really question the "why", but the "how" we went to war. Yet, there were other things I did like on his blog, specifically how he plans to reduce health-care costs. I didn't get to read on all the issues listed, but I plan to. I can say that from what I've read Kerry seems to be more pragmatic. I believe that some policies that Bush has implemented are going to be difficult to reverse, especially Iraq. Any progress is probably going to be done incrementally. The Democrats can't afford to get too idealistic and put forth unrealistic solutions.
Comment by Michael Bohannon

I've come back here tonite,to visit with like minds that support one terrific cause. But mostly I come here tonite because I've made some friends. You all have such incredible ideas,some I could never match,and to keep up with ALL the political "BUZZ"... is intense. I want to speak not as an expert,{far from it},but from my heart. I live in the "granola" capital of the world, where we have many opinions,and many un-like minds. I belong to no organizations,political or otherwise. Aside from being a wife,mother,and a nurse I have an innate desire to be the best citizen to my fellow-man,because God in his greatness has called me to be..... just that. I'm really sick of this discussion of war,and as someone just mentioned..blah,blah. We are at WAR not only in Iraq, {and anywhere else this Administration will lead us},but we are at WAR as citizens in a nation so blessed we forget how we got here.After the courts handed the election to Bush, and like Janeanne Garofolo said;"I got sick and tired of screaming back I'm going to fight back"..that's where I'm at! Living where I do in a small rural community,I have witnessed over the past few years teachers reaching into their own pockets to buy kids lunch,and their supplies for what they need at school. I have witnessed time and again nurses too fatigued to work another twelve hour shift,because they just worked one.At night I sleep so very little,since 911,as I wonder when will the next strike come. It's senseless for me to go on and elaborate as to why I 'blog',and support the one person that finally has a vision,....but I find HOPE here. I find compassion for the suffering people, of not only the citizens of this country,but ALL citizens that inhabit this planet. My typing skills are nil',my computer skills are a work in progress,but one thing for certain I share a PASSION to do something about the inequities we have been dealt,for ALL people. To those of you that think you have nothing to offer,think again. If I'm here for only one reason,it's to give a voice to those of you that think you don't count,only votes do.It's also my belief that we need to be "educated"like never before,and I want to thank all of you for meeting so many of my needs on that level. Let us cotinue to be the teachers,the visionaries,the embracers of new ideas,the problem solvers,the thinkers.We must believe elections are about choices,that's what they should be about,and we need to encourage others to think the same,and give them a "reason " to go out and vote. But more importantly,we need to involve them in the process. Let's bring the ideas of "HOW" to do that,so we can really get KERRY electable. Let's pull JOHN front and forward,for "we the people",and show them he's a man for all people. We have so much work to do..let's just do it ! Posted by Patti Ferschke at August 22, 2003 12:56 AM
Comment by Patti Ferschke

Mr. Bush has said (in years) and be able to believe it was a completely accurate, honest statement (Healthy Forests - Jobs and Growth Plan were a couple of more recent ones).John Kerry (http://www.johnkerry.com) is the man with the courage to end Bush's rule by fear, encourage us to come out from our rooms sealed in duct tape and plastic, and lead the United States of America so that we may regain our place as the leader of the free world.
Comment by Dan

Love John Kerry! (But we really need to reach out to more uncertain types!) Knowledge is power for all!
Comment by Ellen

I don't know what either Dean or Kerry think about gay only schools, but both are supportive of gay rights in general. Kerry scores 100% from The Human Rights Campaign's scorecard on "gay-friendly legislation", and Howard Dean supported the nation's only same-sex civil unions bill when he was Governor of Vermont. Both candidates (Dean and Kerry) strongly believe that gays and lesbians should enjoy the same civil rights and legal rights as other Americans. They are people and American citizens after all...you don't have to support their lifestyle to recognize that they should be entitled to the same rights as everyone else.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

Kerry's Brilliant Online Official Blog: By Ann Stewart Aug. 19, 2003 Candidate Kerry recently launched a brilliant blog that has had a great show of online support. Kerry really needed this blog. Until this blog showed up there was hardly no way to contact Kerry's supporters, you had to guess if anyone really supported Kerry online or not. Except for Patti Ferschke, she always showed support for Kerry at the 2004 Online Election Debate by trying to win the undecided voters for Kerry. When we first began this 2004 online debate, we were just a group of friends who wanted to know more about the candidates, and we were undecided on whom to support. For those who are still undecided you should come tell them who you support and why. For a while, it seemed like the only supporters that were out there online were mostly Dean's supporters, now Kerry with his new official blog has proven he has a major amount of online support too. Kerry is still in this race just under Dean on most polls. Can this new way of campaigning on the Internet help Kerry win? After seeing the show of support at the Kerry blog, I'm sure the Dean supporters are going to realize Kerry is still very much in this race, and his supporters are out there, and in your online face. Kerry's brilliant on line campaigning has just kicked in, and Kerry is starting to look like a tough candidate to face in the Democrat Primaries.
Comment by Ann Stewart

patti if kerry is rocking, dean must already be rock stars. i watch both blogs, dean has about 3 times as many supporters on there. did you check deans site today?
Comment by doug in Indiana