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As time passes slowly to toward the 04 primary and general election, we all feel like we are waiting at the bus stop for a late bus. It seems to be an eternity coming. The time has given me an opportunity to research a lot of issues, dig up important information, meet and read the veiws of a lot of people on the net. With each passing day the cracks in the neocon armour are becoming harder to repair. It appears that this slow passage of time is playing in the favor of those trying to preserve the rights of all Americans. The neocons are winning in thier circle but losing to the public daily. George Bush is being exposed as a bought and paid puppet. His administrations refuseal to make public the 26 pages of the 9-11 report is just another put off to buy some time before the election. Bad news Georgie boy you lying bastard, FBI agents (accidently) left them on a honest journalists deck. George you piece of shit you could have stopped 9-11 had you not stopped the FBI, for your friends the Bin Ladens and Bush family interests. By handcuffing the FBI you allowed the death of our people and the destuction of our property. Then your gang of neocon intellectuals who beleive they are so smart as to con the world into gobal conquest. To blatantly lie to the American people, the United Natons, and the world. This war of yours is now falling apart by the hour. Your allies are turning and heading for home. You need help but are being refused by civilized nations and now the U.N. You can't initiate a draft for fear of returning to the 1960s. The public won't take it. Iraq and the public know you are losing. You keep asking for more time to stabilize Iraq, more time to find weapons of mass bullshit. More time, more time, and money. Hey intellectuals, is the clock running faster for you, than I. You send your neocon nazi Ashcroft on the road to sell your Patriot and Victory Acts. Where is the patriotism and where is the victory in turning American into East Germany. Everyone is catching on. Oh shit George guess what else, Someone found some top secret files outlining the takeover of the Iraqi oil feilds. Looks like they just up and walked out the State Department. Well so much for the nukes and bios shit. Gonna have to come up with a whole new lie. Damn you worked so hard on the old lies. The damage you have done our great and proud counrty through your Big Oil, Big Media, insider buddies is showing through, more and more, day by day. Your standings in the polls drop weekly. And George these people you con into thinking you are a godly man, send them a body bag containing a dead Iraqi child and tell them GOD MADE ME DO IT. Or maybe you could try the truth and say EXXOX-MOBLIL AND GREED made me do it. Just one more troubling thing George you ashole. You recently said you want to eradicate all homeless people by the year 2010. You did say eradicate.You don't mean exterminate do you? Try this, Quit sending good jobs to others countrys. This will help to take some people off the streets. Then fund mental hospitals and the those in need of help will be in a safe place off the streets. With a little help some of these people may become productive citizens. Bad news here George is they won't be able to come up with the 2,000 a plate dinner money to buy you off. The bus is going to show up for me in 2004, but George you and your neocons won't have a ticket to ride along. Who can win in 2004 against Bush? Howard Dean, John Kerry, Wes Clark, or whom ever we the people decide shall win.
Comment by Charles in Montana

Any credit should go to the subject matter. :) I want to live in a world where people like each other, where people get along and aren't out for vengeance or living in the pit of despair. I know it's a dream, but I truly believe all things being with the individual. I can think of countless times in my life where I had a bad day and a complete stranger smiled or did something nice. Like a ray of sunshine slicing powerfully through a gloomy dark forest. Economics plays a big part in that. When people feel secure, when they aren't worried, living paycheck to paycheck, it is easy for them to be kind to others. Its a natural instinct that shines even moreso when there isn't a fear of debt. A strong economy also means this country can do a lot of good for other countries. Right now we give billions in aid, yet so much of it is tied with strings. Europe is screaming about the custom duties that America places on European goods. They are very upset and rightfully so as they do not tax American goods to the same degree. That can soon change depending on what Congress does in the next few months. A strong economy would eliminate many of the so called needs for taxing everything just to feed the ever growing debt Bush is accumulating. Debt that he won't be paying, but you and I will be, for our lifetimes and quite possibly well into our children's lifetimes. Unless the madness is stopped. Voting Bush out of office will be a huge step towards stopping the borrow and spend policy of the Bush administration. this country was founded on separation of church and state. To deny that for your own personal preference is unAmerican. To say that about when you are dying and if the question of where your political affiliation is, is absurd. But more to the point a vote for Bush is a vote towards more people losing their lives. Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan dying, People committing suicide because of extreme depression due to the economical hardships that the Bush administration has promoted over and over, People killing other people out of stress ( Snipers anyone? ) and fear. You brought up the Pledge and the word God in it. Did you know that was inserted in this century? You talk about God in all things being a good thing. Sure, ok, it is, but not in Government and most certainly not in a country where there is more than one single religion. How would you feel if Catholics were persecuted for their beliefs? Ask a Holocaust survivor how they felt and how a government bent on a single religion isn't such a wonderful rosy thing. You began by ranting about gays. I ask you in all honesty, what did Jesus say about gays. Not the bible, but Jesus himself? This has been a huge problem with organized religion. Once the teacher dies so begins the religion and the teaching is distorted. Jesus preached about love, harmony, and getting along with your fellow human beings. Jesus never taught that hate was a prerequisite or desired aspect to following his teachings. Think for a moment on this. Why are there so many branches of Christianity? Which one is the real one? None, why? Because they all have distortions. All have been altered from the original teachings. The bible has been used again and again to teach hate, to promote discord, to love with one hand and kill with another. And for you, I would ask you to do a little historical research on the bible itself. How many times has it been rewritten? Key paragraphs removed because they promoted peace, love, and acceptance four hundred years after his death......Or in other words the real teachings of Jesus. Jesus believed in choice. The right of all human beings to make the choices they chose to make. He did not teach intolerance or hatred. Look to the source of all religions for truth, but leave behind that which is not true to the source. The same can be said of the Muslim religions. What is a peaceful religion has been turned into hatred and an excuse to make war. Those that seek power have always turned religion inside out to suit their needs and not the real spiritual needs of the people. Again, Once the teacher dies so begins the religion and the teaching is distorted. It is your choice to follow the truth or follow men that have twisted the truth. No one can deny you that choice. it is solely yours to make. Just as it is the choice of others to reject the religion and focus on truth. The bible is full of lies, it does not take a rocket scientist to discover it, but it does take patience, study, and a hunger for the truth. Dean said it best when he spoke the truth. "..The biggest lie that people like me tell people like you is, "Elect me and I'll solve all your problems." The truth is, the future of rural America lies in your hands, not mine. Abraham Lincoln said that a government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth. But this president has forgotten ordinary people. You have the power to reclaim our nation's destiny. You have the power to bring hope back to rural America. You have the power to make agriculture a business where the family farmer is welcome again. You have the power to take our country back. And we have the power to take the White House back in 2004." =1&news_iv_ctrl=1321"
Comment By Lysa

I support Jim Cooper. He's my local Congressman. I love how his office will reply to you same day if you e-mail him. That's just kindness.
Comment by Ann Stewart

just as california is having the recall race to oust gray davis, we are having our gubernatorial race here in louisiana. i have just seen a few of the ads that were run by a republican and a democrat. just because we are talking about the happenings in the nation and around the world, lets not forget about our local politicians.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

i read that article. it is true that ashcroft has his supporters and detractors. i remember when he was in the senate for comformation hearings, he was being attacked by the democrats, for his beliefs in religion, and they (the democrats) feared that he would impose his religious beliefs on us. so far, that has not happened.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

Sindhu, You didn't really mean that did you? About Ashcroft and his religious morals not playing a part in how he has treated the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence? Did you? I watched the confirmations too on streaming C-Span in an itty bitty screen, but what I heard was right on target. Boxer's speech was so heartfelt and Brilliant. Senator Kennedy's was also great. Ashcroft does have and has used his personal religion in determining the law and justice. Heck he spent eight hundred dollars to Cover up the statue of Justice because he couldn't bear to give his speeches in front of a steel breast. But that is small potatoes. Up to and after the time of 9/11 he repeatedly ignored advice and very valuable information from abortion clinics that had experience with anthrax mailing, with bomb threats, and bombings. But that isn't really to do with upholding the law and not imposing his personal religious views. What does is how he treated Oregon's voters. Twice the voters of Oregon passed laws allowing people the right to die if they were terminally ill. Ashcroft couldn't deal with that so he went after Oregon, clamping down. He's also gone after California with their Medical Marijuana programs. The sad thing is that both items ( and I know there are more, but I'll leave it with those two examples ) are right in line with compassion that is a religious value, yet Ashcroft's type of compassion is limited at best. I don't suppose you have heard him singing, or heard about his prayer groups that as they say you are not required to attend but if you as a Federal Employee do not attend it will be noted. Why is that? Because Ashcroft has a religious vendetta that has no business belonging in the halls of Justice for all. Freedom and the right to Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, pride, and property. No, democrats and even those republicans that didn't speak up were very right to worry about Ashcroft and his religious crusade. The church and state must remain separate. In this admin and really since 1950 with McCarthy we have seen a growing trend towards removing that very essential aspect of government here. Having the religious right in charge of government is like having the taliban. Religion does not belong in government. Religion and government together are a recipe for disaster and discord. Look at Israel and Palestine. At India and Pakistan, At Iraq, At Iran, At Nigeria.....Anywhere where there is a strong religious element in government there is cruelty and strife. A massive disregard for human rights. Or if these words work better......Dead bodies, human suffering, unstable economics.
Comment by Lysa

Ashcroft is heading out on tour promoting his so called Patriot act.Read the whole story while it's still free at: "The campaign will take Mr. Ashcroft to states that are considered central to Mr. Bush's 2004 re-election effort....But the legislation has also become almost a dirty word in some circles in recent months. The Republican-led House voted overwhelmingly last month to repeal a key provision on the use of surveillance, 152 communities have passed resolutions objecting to the legislation because of what some saw as its Big Brother overtones, and civil liberties groups are suing to have parts of the law struck down as unconstitutional. The increasingly vitriolic concerns over the measure and its future have thrown the administration on the defensive, according to people close to the administration. Mr. Ashcroft, though often criticized by liberal and conservative policy-makers, is seeking to solidify support for the law. " Ann, did you see the Jobs for John site awhile back? One guy lost his job and heard that the economic team for Bush would be doing a little tour. Somehow I don't think they were as effective as they hoped to be. Ashcroft on the other hand is fair game in a much larger sense. No man in this admin ( except maybe Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolflitz, Perle......errr ) is as disliked as he is. Here in Missouri people either love him or hate him. I'm sure you heard about Governor Mel Carhanan being killed in a plane crash shortly before the senatorial election between the two. His widow Jean stepped up and was voted in. My man whom rarely has a negative thing to say went off when I asked him about Ashcroft when we moved here. Even Bush doesn't get the same vehemence that spill endlessly when it comes to Ashcroft. And he is dead on right about disliking Ashcroft. I watched the C-Span coverage of his statements when he was being nominated. Truly a scary individual. A little story. Eons ago my guy's brother was told that the county clerk position was available and all he had to do was to go through an interview with the governor ( Ashcroft at the time ) So he walks in, Ashie is sitting at the desk doing paperwork, ignoring him basically. Finally he looks up and shuffles through a pile and then asks him "Are you a republican?" K being a smart ass said " I am now." Ashie goes back to his paperwork and K is wondering what to do. Ashie finally looks up again and tells him, "That'll do, you have the job, go see so and so. You can leave now." I don't know what a county clerk does, never did ask, but what an interview, 'eh?
Comment by Lysa

Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war' : Increasing numbers of Saudi Arabian Islamists are crossing the border into Iraq in preparation for a jihad, or holy war, against US and UK forces, security and Islamist sources have warned. A senior western counter-terrorism official on Monday said the presence of foreign fighters in Iraq was "extremely worrying". A statement purportedly from al-Qaeda was broadcast on Monday by the Arab satellite television channel al-Arabiya. It claimed the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the leader of the Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime Mullah Mohammed Omar were still alive. But it also asserted that recent attacks on US forces in Iraq were the work of jihadis. The focus of concern for US counter-terrorist officials was at first on a reconstituted Ansar al-Islam, the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group based in northern Iraq before the war. But US officials have recently acknowledged the presence of other foreign fighters in Iraq. Paul Bremer, the US administrator in Iraq, said recent raids, including one near al-Qaim last month, uncovered fighters "carrying travel documents from a variety of countries". According to Saad al-Faguih, a UK-based Saudi dissident, the Saudi authorities are concerned that up to 3,000 Saudi men have gone "missing" in the kingdom in two months, although it is not clear how many have crossed into Iraq. Saudis who have gone to Iraq have established links with sympathetic Iraqis in the northern area between Baghdad, Mosul and Tikrit, where they have hidden in safe-houses, a Saudi Islamist source said on Monday. Pressure on Islamists in Saudi Arabia has grown since the bombing of an expatriate residential compound in May killed 35 people. The subsequent arrest of many Islamists has forced some underground while others are trying to flee to Iraq. "Part of this movement of people has been individual, but it is getting more organised now," Saad al-Faguih said, adding that the loose organisation of Saudi Islamists did not have a clear link to al-Qaeda. "Al-Qaeda is there and not there. But its umbrella is huge, which is what has given it its ability to survive," he said. A senior UK official said there was evidence of extremists from several countries focusing on Iraq, though it was unclear what role al-Qaeda played. "I don't know whether you can talk about an al-Qaeda strategy in Iraq, though there is great evidence of al-Qaeda involvement in the jihadi cause inside Iraq. But there's as much talk about other people doing things inside Iraq," the official said great news report, the american prosperity myth. cops against the drug war read it here first:)
Comment by Doug in Indiana

Janklow was convicted of sexual assault when he was 16 years old, then accused of raping a 15 year old Indian girl when he was in his late 20s. In 1973, Janklow was arrested for driving drunk on the wrong side of the road, with no pants on. During the arrest he was also charged with assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, indecent expoosure and of course driving while intoxicated. He also made racial slurs against the arresting officer and has a histroy of vile anti-American Indian racism. Between 1990 and 1994 he received 12 speeding tickets; some tickets were for traveling almost 40 miles per hour over the limit. Allegedly he once was clocked doing 99-mph on a Mountain Road in the Black Hills. Nonetheless, he was elected South Dakota Attorney General and then Governor and Congressman. He has made a career off of being tough on crime, yet his own personal history is fraught with despicable criminal acts (sexual assault twice, publicly lewd behavior, drunken and reckless driving). Now the forensics reveal he was doing in excess of 70 miles per hour through a stop sign without stopping (in a 55 zone)killing a cyclist. It is time for Janklow to be held accountable for his actions, and this should include stiff criminal penalties. I don't care what high office he holds, his contempt for the law and his selfish disregard for others is reprehensible and the only government building he should work in is the South Dakota state prison. Just my 2 cents on Wild Bill Janklow.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

Janklow has been in seven car accidents in the last ten years and had 12 traffic citations in a four year period. He was also charged with but eventually acquitted of forcible rape of a minor. In my view his position of prestige and power helped him get off on that charge. He has a long history of drinking problems. I find it interesting that most press stories leave out his party affiliation (Republican). Personally I think it's time he takes personal responsibility for his actions. I wouldn't be at all disappointed if he served a small prison stint for his latest reckless and callously indifferent behavior.
Comment by Wayne in Missouri

So I'm guess you do think to much of Congressman Bill Janklow hun Doug? That story was sad.
Comment by Ann Stewart

another repub you can be proud of.
Comment by Doug