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All comments that are placed here are from everyday Americans, who care enough to talk about what is important to them about our leaders in our American government and the up coming 2004 Election Candidacy. Here the people of America will state who they support and why or whom they don't support and why.

Credibility problem...today's story "Chemical Ali captured" is good news, BUT we claimed he was dead in April (the British military even said they had the body to prove it). You see whats happening...Bush and company are claiming credit for killing and capturing these bad guys more than once!! New rule: You can't take credit for capturing somebody that you have already killed or captured before...that shouldn't count twice. This deck of card is a misdeal. The King of Spades and Seven of spades have turned up twice in the same deck. Next week, they will announce we have successfully captured Saddam's sons Uday and Quesay. Pay attention people...the Bush administration is lying for PR purposes by double-scoring the bad guys they catch. August 21, 2003 TODAY'S Top Stories Reuters U.S. Forces Captured Feared 'Chemical Ali' in Iraq BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Ali Hassan al-Majid, a feared cousin of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) nicknamed "Chemical Ali" for overseeing poison gas attacks that killed thousands, has been captured in Iraq (news - web sites), the U.S. military said Thursday. "We do have him and he was captured alive," U.S. Central Command spokesman Lt. Ryan Fitzgerald told Reuters. No details were released on the arrest of Majid, No. 5 on a U.S. list of 55 most-wanted Iraqis and the King of Spades in a U.S. military deck of cards depicting fugitives. BACK FROM THE DEAD U.S. and British forces bombed Majid's house in early April in Basra, where he had been sent by Saddam to lead the defense of southern Iraq. British military officials said then that Majid had been killed and that they had recovered his body. "Obviously he was not there and if he was, he survived the attack," Fitzgerald said. FROM APRIL (SAME GUY)Pentagon: 'Chemical Ali' Killed in Attack NewsMax Wires Tuesday, April 8, 2003 WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon believes "Chemical Ali," Saddam Hussein's cousin who ordered a chemical attack on Kurds in northern Iraq in 1988, is dead, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirmed Monday.U.S. aircraft bombed a Baath party meeting in a residence Saturday. On Friday, twoU.Saircraft bombed Ali's Basra home. He was caught by the second bomb, according to military officials. Ali Hassan al-Majid is believed responsible for the death of more than 100,000 Kurds in 1988, part of a broader effort to ethnically "cleanse" Iraq of Kurds, according to human rights groups. He ordered the use of cyanide gas on more than 60 villages. Five thousand people died in the town of Halabja alone. "We believe that the reign of terror of 'Chemical Ali' has come to an end. To Iraqis who have suffered at his hand, particularly in the last few weeks in that southern part of the country, he will never again terrorize you or your families," Rumsfeld said. (SAME STORY WITH THIS FELLOW) July 9, 2003 Release Number: 03-07-28 TWO IRAQI TOP 55 IN COALITION CUSTODY: ONE SURRENDERS, ONE CAPTURED BAGHDAD, Iraq One former Iraqi leader surrendered and another was captured July 8 in two unrelated incidents. Both members are listed on the U.S. Central Command Iraqi Top 55.Mizban Khadr Al Hadi, a high-ranking member of the Baath Party Regional Command and Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) and number 23 on the coalition's list of wanted government officials, turned himself in to Coalition forces in Baghdad. Mahmud Dhiyab Al-Ahmad, former Minister of Interior and number 29 on the Top 55 list, was captured by Coalition forces and now is in custody. Coalition forces will continue to work at apprehending former members of the Saddam Hussein regime.ONE MONTH LATER August 9, 2003 Release Number: 03-08-19 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ANOTHER MEMBER OF "IRAQI TOP 55" IN COALITION CUSTODY In-Depth Coverage MACDILL AFB, FL - Mahmud Dhiyab al-Ahmad, #29 on the coalition's list of most wanted government officials, is now under custody of coalition forces. The former Iraqi Minister of Interior surrendered to coalition forces yesterday. Coalition Forces will continue to work at apprehending former members of the Saddam Hussein regime.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

we are against the war, but I believe we need our troops left in Iraq to stay there and finish the job. No matter what it takes, we need to finish what we started or we will have another country turn on us again.
Comment by Lee P.

The media is not that important Ann. The press is so fake. I hardly watch the news anymore because I feel like it is preconcieved or just made up just by the press itself. It's like there's 1 or 2 fools who sit up on thier thrown and tell the world what they think we need to know. Really they are just reporting what they think the world wants to know and not what is really important. So don't worry about the press Ann. The world is losing respect for them anyway. I think Dean and Kerry can pick up more votes by being out talking to people in the world than using the media. People don't pay that much attention to the press anyway. We are sick of most of it. I so think Clinton should come back and be President again. He was my President. I supported him. I think Hillary would make a great vice president. I think the Democratic side should pick her to run with for vice president. I think alot of the media is just made up. It's just 1 or 2 people sitting up on their thrown telling the world what he or she want to talk about. It seems so fake. The press doesn't care what really matters. It's the world according to 1 or 2 fools. That's why I don't watch alot of News. I think most of it is fake and preconcieved by the media itself. The reason Arnold is the only thing being talked about right now is because of the 1 or 2 fools that decide what news really is.
Comment by Samantha P.

You guys still don't get the Republican agenda! It's called the THREE "D"agenda..DENY>>DEFY>>DEFLECT ! The media hangs on to the California thing,to cause the THREE "D" agenda,but you know what..... we're on to it,and it's NOT going to work this time! We KERRY CAMPERS are tougher than you think! WE will NEVER give up......until the dim watt in Washington "is" replaced by President KERRY ! Turn on the lights! We're going for oxygen,hydrogen,water,inventions,people power,and effective energy of the human kind ! But we're goin'fishin'........FIRST! Republican media "is" just where they want YOU to think you should be! They DON'T want to discuss DEAN/KERRY or anyone else that has the guts and brains to take them to task,because they know "W"s not up to it ! They are going to lose,and we know what "they" do, when they lose ! We're NOT going to let them do that this time. Defy,Deflect,Deny..will be replaced with, "WE are about WE the people,OF the people and BY the people"! Let the snakes in the grass {MEDIA} get the TEXAS BRASS ! It's those of in the grass that's gonna get these guys....you better believe it!
Comment by Patti Ferschke